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San Rafael Eichler

Location San Rafael Date 2019 Description Joseph Eichler, inspired by Neutra and Wright was a builder/developer who confronted the need for affordable housing after WW2. Examples of his projects can be found in many areas of California and around the country, One enclave in San Rafael has become a focus for Bay Area residents who …

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Convertible Foundation System

Location Anaheim, California Date March 2010 Description One of the basic questions for tiny house owners is “wheels or foundation”? This decision governs which codes will apply to the design and construction of tiny house, as well as provide or limit parking available. Since we have a patchwork of competing and conflicting laws across the …

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Mobile Utility Unit

Description Once you’ve created/purchased your tiny house, and found a place to park, the next challenge will be your utility connections. If you can legally connect to an existing grid, you’re in luck, but this can come with hefty connection fees and in many places, you will need to create your own grid (by installing …

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Tiny House 6

Description This design is a version of my floor plan for Tiny House 3, adapted with the inclusion of curved roof/side wall structural elements borrowed from a creative and well-known tiny house designer named Abel Zill of Zill Vardos. Introducing the curved elements takes this tiny house out of the category of “utility” structure and …

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Tiny House Village 2

Description This project was created as a projected master plan for a specific client with specific property in mind. The client purchased an old summer camp which already had full permits for 25 cabins and 35 RVs, 2 pools and a community store. My design suggests a simplification of the existing facilities with the reduction …

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