Imagine your own personal “dashboard” for running your life, and near the center is a half-circle dial that controls your awareness. On the left is zero, you’re asleep. In the right is 10, you’re enlightened.

Our senses are capable of experiencing it all, but we have been trained to fear the expansion and experience of new senses and label them “bad”. For this reason most people live their entire lives between zero “asleep” and one “awake”.

Forces that move our dial to higher numbers are curiosity, inspiration, creativity, love and the like. They all remind us that we are unique, alive and powerful. The status quo has labeled these forces “dangerous”

Forces that move our dial to the left are: television, status, acquisition and possession, habits and expectations. They were all intended to keep us “safe” but in fact keep us “small” and unhappy. They have been labeled by the status quo as “safe”.

Many believe these forces to be “natural” to the human form, and at one time they were, but something in our culture has been manipulating these forces, motivated by greed, in an effort to use our unhappiness to gain power, control and wealth. You already know this but feel powerless to change.

Those in power share a secret. If they can convince us that we are not “enough”, keep us perpetually unhappy because we can never possess “enough”, they can trick us into spending money we don’t have on things we don’t need.

This is the core motivation that drives our economy and steals our power to serve the cause of greed.

When we discover this dashboard, find the dial, turn away from the forces of entropy and fear, from television and the commute and a life based on consumption, we too become “dangerous” and powerful.

We must RESIST, awaken and move the dial past 1. We must move away from living by “default” in a default world, and begin living by “intention” in an intentional world.

Become DANGEROUS in your own world and in doing so, begin SAVING our shared world!