I’m making the pitch for safety everywhere in your Tiny House. Build railings for your lofts and ladders and build them to code. I know the codes seem restrictive, and I know that as a Tiny House owner you are up for challenging the codes, but I want to share a down the road view of the consequences of ignoring the codes.

1) A non-compliant home will never find truly permanent parking. We are moving out of the shadow of hiding Tiny Houses and certified compliant construction will eventually be required everywhere.

We’re talking railings here, but I want to add exit requirements as well. Aside from headroom, each sleeping space requires its own compliant (2’x3′) second exit, (skylight or window).

2). Meeting the code does not mean giving up your design ideas. This is my specialty. PM me.

3) A non-compliant home will not be insurable. Insurance companies deny claims for injuries from non-compliant conditions. Injuries to guests and the child guests of your child will not be covered.

4) as builder, you are liable for any injuries due to non-compliance for the life of the Tiny House. If you ever sell it, the next owner can come after you if there is an injury due to your non code work.

Please consider these practical ideas and facts as you move forward with your build.

David Ludwig, Tiny House Solutions