Here is a list of the steps in a tiny House build, in order. 

  1. Find parking. You’ll need legal parking that will allow you to have full hookups and live in your tiny house.  Having a destination will help you contact specific government agencies, planners and Building Officials and ask specific questions about legality.  You’ll need water and sewer, in ground pipe connections to septic or city sewer, and possibly power. Composting toilets are not legal in many places. Solar is not allowed as your only source of power in some locations. Don’t assume anything or rely on here say. Go directly to the local planning and building departments and have a face to face conversation. If leasing land, have your agreement in writing. 
  2. Create or purchase a plan.
    More than a sketch. You’ll need a scaled and dimensioned Floor Plan, Exterior Elevations with all openings sized, materials, Sections through the building, Interior Elevations of each wall, Electrical layout with panel, switches, lights and outlets. Heating and plumbing locations and equipment selected. All appliances selected. Never use OSB in your build. Sealed marine ply best for floor.
  3. Have your plan checked by an architect and/or engineer to verify code compliance and strength.
  4. Purchase your trailer to meet the requirements of your design.
    Consider wheels or foundation as alternatives based on local regulations. Trailer can be designed to be convertible between both foundation/support options.
  5. Find a place to build.
    Shelter? Power? Noise? Security? Access?
  6. Hire an inspection /certification service to verify your build and issue a VIN. Example: Pacific West Associates in Wyoming.
  7. Secure financing if required.
  8. Set aside a year if you plan to self-build.
  9. Dive in!

Good luck!