Anaheim, California


March 2010


One of the basic questions for tiny house owners is “wheels or foundation”? This decision governs which codes will apply to the design and construction of tiny house, as well as provide or limit parking available. Since we have a patchwork of competing and conflicting laws across the country, it is difficult to chooses which system to use. My proposal is to build the tiny house to meet both wheeled and foundation codes and create a convertible foundation system that will allow the owner to conform to the particular codes in any given area.

Presented here is the Minute Man UL approved Mobile Home Foundation System, modified and adapted for tiny house use. This hybrid system requires the design of the tiny house trailer to be modified to provide six “anchor points” inset in plan from the wheel track. These points would then be connected to the standard Minute Man system consisting of helical piers, precast concrete pads, steel jack stands with screw-jack leveling supports. The system includes provision for lateral earthquake bracing and high-wind uplift.

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