Services offered to Prospective Clients

D A V I D   L U D W I G, A I A


  • I listen to, respect and anticipate my Client’s needs.
  • I use both a written list and image file to define the program for my projects.
  • I use a collaborative approach to design.
  • I create functional and furnishable floor plans.
  • I use an optimum combination of hand drawing and CAD.
  • I use a lot of 3D illustration to communicate my design ideas.
  • I have hand-on construction experience, making it easy to communicate and coordinate with your contractor.
  • I have developed political sensitivity and experience from working in many Marin and East Bay jurisdictions.
  • I am a subscriber to the “not-so-big-house” philosophy of Suzanne Suzanka which is good for Planning and your budget.
  • I value and have experience with green building technology and materials.