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D A V I D   L U D W I G, A I A

April 2007Marin Magazine
“Lodge Living”
March 2000Better Homes and Gardens
“The Lodge Life”

by Shawn Gilliam
Kerr Residence
February 2000Elegant Interiors
Ann McArdle, author, Rockport Publishers, Inc.
Kerr Bath
Jan/Feb 2000Custom Home Magazine
“Cottage Revival”

by Bruce Snider
Custom Builder of the Year issue
McLellan Residence
July 1999The Art of Outdoor Lighting:
Landscapes With the Beauty of Lighting
Randall Whitehead, author (hardbound book)
Fingerhut Residence
Kerr Residence
DiMento/ Lyall Residence
April 21, 1999Marin Independent Journal
“Cooking Up a Kitchen” by Beth Ashley
(feature article)
Gregory Kitchen
Jan. 27, 1999San Francisco Chronicle- Home Section
“Bright Ideas” by Jeannie Matteucci
(feature article on lighting design)
Fingerhut Residence
Winter 1998The Art of Lighting: An International Profile of Home Lighting
Randall Whitehead, author
(hardbound book)
Medrich Kitchen, Schwartz bath
Von Thaden Bath
Gershengorn Bath
Kerr Bath, Hop Bath
February 1998Diablo Magazine
“Updating a Classic”

by Susan Lydon
(feature article)
Hop Residence
Jan. 10, 1998Marin Independent Journal
Home and Garden Section
“The Hearth Holds a Warm Place in our Hearts” by J. Taylor Buckley
Michalski Study
Fall/Winter 1996/97Better Homes and Gardens
Kitchen & Bath Products Guide
Magazine cover
Gregory Kitchen
October 1997Better Homes and Gardens
“They’re Back: Comfy Details Retrieved from an Earlier Day” by Shawn Gilliam
Mehan Master Bedroom
January 1997Better Homes and Gardens
“Taste of Tuscany”

by Steven Mumford
(feature article)
Mehan Kitchen & Family Area
October 21, 1996Marin Independent Journal
Real Estate Section
“Reader’s Choice” by Pascale Le Draoulec
Pierson Residence
August 1996Better Homes and Gardens
“Garden Gates” by Melissa Dodd Eskilson
Gregory Garden
October 11, 1995San Francisco Chronicle
Home Section
“Stone Tops Cabinets for a Natural Look” by Barbara Boughton
Hop Kitchen
October 1995Remodeling
“Before & After: Second Nature” by Amy Doherty (feature article)
Hop Residence
October 1995Better Homes and Gardens
“Old World New World” by Steve Cooper
Gregory Kitchen/Family Room
Autumn 1995Fine Homebuilding Books
“Adding to a House” by Philip S.Wenz
(hardbound book)
Hop Residence
Schwartz Residence
Summer 1995American Bungalow
“Custom Built: New Craftsman Homes” by John F. Slaven
(feature article)
Kerr Residence
August. 28, 1993Marin Independent Journal
Home and Garden Section
“Celebrating Craftsmanship” by Nancy Isles Nation
(feature article)
Kerr Residence
July 1993Food & Wine
“At Home: A Professional Baker’s Kitchen”

by Diane Dorrans Saeks
Medrich kitchen
Summer 1993Veterinary Dentistry
U.C.Davis Veterinary
Supplement to Veterinary Economics & Veterinary Medicine
“State-of-the-Art Design: Put it to Work for You”

by Mark R. Hafen AIA
Medicine Dental Operatory Suite
January 1993San Francisco Chronicle
Home Section
“The Almost Perfect Kitchen” by Sylvia Rubin
(feature article)
Medrich Kitchen
December 1992Northern California Home & Garden
“Confections of a Chocoholic” by Susannah Clark
(feature article)
Medrich Kitchen
July 24, 1989Marin Independent Journal
“Marin Homeowners remodel, add on, update” by Nancy Isles Nation
Grasso Bath, interview