I’m reading more often, on other Tiny Community pages, posts and replies about the difficulty if finding legal parking that are a testament to the fact that going tiny is not simply a matter of plan and cost. So many newbies concentrate on the factors of creation or purchase. I must repeat over and over, it’s all about PARKING my friends. Parking first, then build or purchase. Given the status quo of local planning restrictions, we must flex our grassroots political muscles and make changes in our local codes, or be ready to move to counties and states that have recognized the contribution that tiny houses can make to solving the affordable housing crisis.

Here in California, there is a new set of state laws requiring every county to change local laws regarding ADUs (accessory dwelling units) in response to our own affordable housing crisis. These laws relaxed restrictions on dual residences, utility connections and parking. Taken together with an earlier mandate with a quota of “below market” units, the local counties and cities are scrambling to find ways to meet the requirements. Tiny houses are slowly being recognized as one solution, and 2 major cities have created and adopted laws that include Tiny houses in the specific language.

Given the status quo in your own local area, and your personal timetable, you may be forced to sell and move to a more responsive community or state. This decision should always precede the decision to buy or build a Tiny House.