This is a prototype village designed for a 3.75 acre property in Sonoma County. I wanted to create a visual design that included all of the elements I feel are required for a successful village of 20 tiny houses. In addition to the basic parking pads (arranged around a central garden) I have added 2 large barns, guest parking and a shared community spa. The “Clean Barn” is intended to house community clean activities such as indoor and outdoor central kitchens, dining areas that can be used for clean activities such as yoga, dance and child care, a community office, caretaker’s quarters and guest quarters. The “Dirty Barn” across the garden is intended to house the maintenance supplies and equipment, as well as “dirty” resident’s activities such as carpentry, welding, pottery/clay/kiln. This would also be the location for 1-2 tiny house build sites with related tools and equipment. The community bath house would include a shared bathroom/shower area, sauna and several tubs with different temperatures.

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