Mill Valley, CA




Designed during a time when I was fascinated by the work of Robert A. M. Stern, I shared my interest with this client and engaged them in my appreciation for Stern’s attention to detail. Together, we interpreted their design program to include several additions to their shingle-style home that was sited at the edge of a rural neighborhood, bordering on national park lands.

One of their primary interests included the collection of rare books and the building of an extensive library. We decided to include library spaces in as many rooms as possible, so when it came to the new central staircase, we lined the walls with books. Dust allergies indicated the need for closed glass doors and so the library-stair was created. The windy ridge-top site seemed perfect for a new lap-pool and a glass-protected arbor was included to shield the sitting area from the wind.

Stern-esque details were included in many places, most notably the oval spider-web-grid transom windows, the round cross-hair gable over the stair, the large white discs of trim at the exterior gables and the curved arbor shielding the pool.

This project was undertaken while David was Senior Design Associate at Polsky Architects in Larkspur.

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