The term “new primitive” is used to describe a unique blend of simple forms, modernist lines and Zen aesthetics. This client wanted to create a rammed-earth structure using local materials, but the engineering for this type of building did not allow for two-story designs, so the client compromised and retained the aesthetic of the 12” thick walls framed with 2×12 studs and splayed inwardly to allow light to enter the spaces. A second design element called for exposed corrugated metal roofing exposed at the interior and it was also not permitted due to California insulation requirements, so we created a dual-finish roof with outward corrugated elements exposed to sun and weather, as well as a second layer of inward corrugated surface supported by a secondary structure of exposed rafters and purlins, with space for the required insulation between. The sequence of spaces and forms of the main rooms recall the aesthetic of east coast architect Robert A. M. Stern.

This project was undertaken while David was Senior Design Associate at Polsky Architects in Larkspur.