Jenner Japanese Farmhouse


Jenner, CA



Sited high on a knoll overlooking the Pacific, just north of The Russian River and the town of Jenner, this project involved the use and conversion of a kit/pole-house selected by the clients. After reviewing the design options offered by the kit makers, we modified the original design floor plan and increased the lower floor plate height to gain volume in the open interior. The project shell was then built by a local contractor familiar with this kit and the interiors were finished by the client.

The plan consists of high-ceilinged, large volume spaces at the lower level, offset by upper floor spaces which require a flat ceiling below. The upper floor spaces, Master Suite and Study, are positioned at opposite ends of the plan and connected by an interior bridge. The steep roof (8:12) and pole-system framing become visual organizers for the interiors spaces. A central cupola (an element of the original vernacular) brings light to the center of the volume and openable vents provide air circulation and ventilation.

Kitchen and Breakfast Room are placed at the northeast corner under the Study, acting as a cozy retreat from the more open public spaces, with views NE to the rising sun. Guest Bedroom, Bath and Media Room are at the opposite end of the main floor, below the Master Suite. This guest bath opens to the outside to serve the nearby hot tub. The Master Bedroom is at the upper level looking directly west to the horizon, with a outdoor terrace niche cut into the roof, providing access to both terrace and views.